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Today I’m playing along with this month’s “old school blogging” prompts provided by the The Miss Elaine-ous Life.

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Candy corn. I only want it in the fall. I like nibbling the layers of colors off one-by-one. I’ve always liked the original flavor, but it’s fun that they’ve come out with other flavors in recent years. My favorite, besides the original, is caramel apple.

What is one of the worst “treats” you ever received in your candy bag?

One year on Halloween some of my siblings thought it would be fun to dress up and go trick-or-treating. Living out in the country the way we did, we didn’t exactly have neighbors for going door-to-door. They managed to talk Mother and Dad into taking us into town to stop at the houses of a few people we knew. Since this was not pre-planned, the kids were scrambling for what they could find around the house to serve as costumes. I was 12 or 13 that year and thought that was just not a cool thing to do. I was pretty sure I was much too grown up for such shenanigans. You would have thought I could have gotten out of participating in such frivolity, but no, it was a family activity, so we all went–reluctantly or not.


When we stopped at MawMaw and PawPaw’s house Mother took a picture of us in all our finery. Except for me. I was mostly just pouting. Later we stopped at the A&P produce manager’s house (Daddy’s supervisor). They also lived out in the country and I guess they weren’t expecting trick-or-treaters, because they didn’t have candy on hand. They gave us each a tangerine. It wasn’t a bad treat. But it wasn’t candy.

What was one of your favorite costumes you wore when you were a kid?

The next year I must have got over my too-cool-for-a-costume notions because I dressed up like a clown, in a real costume, borrowed from my cousin. I think that’s probably why I went along with it, because it was a real costume, not just something cobbled together. Plus, I don’t think we went trick-or-treating, which was downright embarrassing. We attended a small Christian school that year and had an all-school costume party.

How about your favorite costume as an adult?

One year when I worked as a bank teller we were supposed to wear costumes on Halloween for work. I dressed as a “little girl”… all 5’11” of me. My costume was a ruffly blue dress with a lace apron, blue bobby socks with lace ruffles, my hair in pigtails and freckles drawn on my face. After that, the vice president of the bank insisted on calling me Freckles. It got old real fast, but he was a kindly old man, so whatcha gonna do?

What scares you most on Halloween? Spiders? Zombies? Axe murderers? Eyeballs in a jar… (or something else)?

Zombies. On the train. See ’em sitting behind Lyle? I don’t like ’em. They scare me.

[Not really. I just think they’re ugly. Which is, of course, the point.]


So then, what is your favorite scary movie??

No scary movies for me. Thankyouverymuch.

What is you favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal?

Turkey. Smoked or fried, preferably.

Thanksgiving 2005
Thanksgiving Day 2005. My sisters and I, along with my daughter, picking at the “burnt” pieces Dad pulled off the turkey as he was slicing it to serve.

What is your favorite piece of clothing or accessory to wear in the Fall?

Scarves. I like mixing-and-matching them to pull together an outfit. I especially like the really wide ones that can be unfolded to wrap like a shawl if i get chilled.

What is your favorite pie?  If you do not like pie I will forgive you but then what is your favorite Fall dessert?

My favorite pie is peach ala mode, but since peaches are a summer fruit it’s not often served at Thanksgiving. My favorite fall dessert is pumpkin cheesecake. I don’t love all things pumpkin but I am partial to Costco’s pumpkin cheesecake.

Do you live where there are four seasons? If so, where is your favorite place to see the fall colors?

I do. We love to drive up into the mountains to see the aspen trees. They are mostly gone from the mountains now, but at the peak of their colors here in the city. It’s kinda nice that the seasons come earlier in the mountains, so we can enjoy them longer.DSCN3370-1024x768

What is your favorite fall tradition?

An anniversary get-away with my sweetheart. We don’t get to do it every year, but it’s something I always look forward to when it works out.

Is there anything else special about the Fall to you?

I was born in the fall… and married in the fall. I’ll be celebrating my 50th birthday in a few weeks… and my 30th anniversary this coming Monday!


  • ginabad

    Oh how fun! Nice to meet someone else who doesn’t like pumpkin (bleh). Give me coconut custard, apple, Boston creme or sweet potato. Only pies I will eat, LOL. Love the retro photo!!

    • KarlaCook

      I didn’t say NO pumpkin. LOL! I just said I didn’t love ALL things pumpkin. But you’re right. The current obsession with so much pumpkin everything every fall is totally an American thing, isn’t it?

  • Hillary

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I love the fall, and I enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. My Halloween costumes as a kid were mostly cobbled together, too. I insist on making my kids at least try to be creative.

    Also, I absolutely agree about the zombies and scary movies. I like thrillers and suspense but once it passes into horror, I am really uncomfortable and have to bow out usually.

  • Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

    This was fun to read! And I enjoyed the pictures too! You are so good at posting old pictures. If they aren’t in my computer, they rarely get shared.

    • KarlaCook

      I’m the same way. My mother actually scanned a lot of our old pictures and I organized them this year to put on a thumb drive for my siblings to have at my parents’ 50th anniversary this year. That makes it handy to find them when I want to include them in a post.

      • Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

        My mom just got back last night and she brought a large ziplock bag with old pics in them! Yay!

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