Fall Beauty

We went camping this past weekend in central Washington, near Grand Coulee Dam. Steamboat Rock campground is open year round and we thought it might be a little warmer over there for perhaps the last camp-out of the season. It was. But it was also gray and drizzly…
…however, as I’ve mentioned before, we don’t mind the rain. The scenery was still beautiful, in a muted sort of way.

Late in the afternoon we enjoyed watching the herd of mule deer who casually grazed in our campsite. We counted up to 20 in the area at once, including a buck or two. They weren’t exactly tame… but they sure weren’t too put off by the presence of humans.
Just at sunset, the clouds broke up and the sun cast a breath-taking rainbow against the eastern sky… It lasted for quite awhile.
The next morning dawned sunny and clear.
The fall colors were brilliant.
We thoroughly enjoyed the gifts of our Creator this fall weekend!


  • The Watts Family

    Wow the pictures were wonderful it would have been a real shame to miss out just because of the rain! Beautiful Rainbow and Leaves…So nice you were able to get some more camping in this year! Those mule deer were very different looking I do not think I have seen those before will have to look those up ~Thanks for Sharing ~Blessings Heather

  • Constance

    sigh… I miss camping. We don't get the opportunities here in Texas the was we did when we lived in Colorado. Between the heat and the fire ants there is a small window of opportunity and everyone else has the same idea! We tried going this past Spring and we couldn't get a spot anywhere! We knew fall wouldn't work out either because of various commitments, nearly every weekend was spoken for! I don't mind it if it rains when we have camped, the key is quality equipment. Since we are tent campers that is critical! Still, I have wonderful memories of sitting inside our tent as a family and playing card games or TROUBLE and so on. Good times!

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