December Days

winterreadingWhen I say “Happy Holidays” I’m not trying to be unChristian. I’m not taking Christ out of Christmas. I’m actually thinking of the span of weeks that encompass the holiday season. I celebrate three holidays during this season: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. During this time of year I might say “Happy Thanksgiving!” (though, granted, that holiday is past) or “Merry Christmas!” (though it seems just a little early for that) or “Happy New Year!” (and it’s way early for that)… but if I say “Happy Holidays” I’m just wishing you joy of the season. Nothing more. Nothing less. Please don’t be offended.

December days are so busy. I don’t thrive on the hustle and bustle like many people do. My Christmas decor is simple. My Christmas shopping list is short. I am grateful for the “Reason for the Season” but I don’t enjoy the overblown, over-commercialized production it’s become. And I pretty much hate Santa Claus movies. Just call me Scrooge, I guess. Mainly, I like to keep things simple.

Yesterday I ordered photo Christmas cards on the Walmart website, which isn’t, apparently, smart enough to realize that during the Christmas rush orders can’t possibly be ready in one hour. It gave me a pick-up time of exactly one hour after I placed my order. I was surprised, but pleased. When I arrived about an hour-and-a-half later, the sweet-but-overwhelmed photo department lady told me that my order was still processing. According to her that meant it was in queue in the machine, but there might be 50 orders ahead of it. I told her I would do a little shopping and check back. An hour later: still processing. “I figure I’ll be here till midnight, Precious,” she told me. “I promise I’ll call you just as soon as they come out.” And she did. Bless her heart. By then it was going on 10:00 p.m. so I told her I’d pick them up today. “That’s fine, Honey. I just wanted to let you know they were done.”

We awoke this morning to several inches of new snow. The ground was bare yesterday and the stars were out last night, so it was something of a surprise. It’s been snowing steadily all day. It’s a good day to be at home enjoying a good book and a hot cup of coffee. I worry about my husband and daughter who had to drive to work today across the city. I’m thankful I can work from home. But I still have to go out to pick up those Christmas cards later. Or maybe they can wait until tomorrow. Except I don’t see when I’ll fit that errand in tomorrow’s schedule.

We’ve got a road trip planned for this weekend. Hopefully the weather will cooperate. Rebecca went home with my parents at Thanksgiving, and we’ll be going to Arkansas to get her… with a couple of stops along the way for quick visits with some of Lyle’s family. We’ll be going through Kansas and Missouri, and will be back Sunday. In case you hadn’t noticed, we do intense road trips. I’ll plan to post to Instagram as we travel, so please follow me there.

I’d like to curl up with a book this evening, but I probably won’t, except just at bedtime. I’ve got office parties to prepare for, gifts to wrap, and packing to do before we leave. Maybe I can read some as we travel.

December is the only time of the year I enjoy reading Christmas stories. Am I the only one that’s like that? I had several Christmas novels saved on my Kindle, but I didn’t start reading them until after Thanksgiving.

Recently Read:

Currently Reading:

To Be Read (but only if I get them in before New Year’s, otherwise they’ll have to wait until next year):

Yeah, I doubt get all those read this year, but at least I have plenty to choose from.

What are your favorite Christmas stories? Have you read any on my list?

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  • holyvacationqueen

    Hi Karla, you’re inspiring me to read some Christmas books! A Christmas in Wales is one of my favorite…my mother-in-law is from England and has read us snippets on Christmas Eves throughout the years..she just sent it as a gift since she won’t be with us this year! Thanks for the good ideas for other books! Visiting from Christian Women Bloggers on Facebook today! Have a blessed holiday!

  • Rowen

    When the kids were young, we would read A Donkey’s Gift by Thomas M. Coffey every year. It is from the donkey’s perspective, and is scary and funny. My kids loved it. In their later years, we got started reading Arnold Ytreeide’s advent books. The first one was Jotham’s Journey, then Bartholomew’s Passage, andTabitha’s Travels, all of which we read repeatedly This year there is a new one, about the little wise boy Ishtar’s Odyssey. We are having trouble with finding time to read aloud when the four of us are all here! Now our sons are reading these Ytreeide books to our grandchildren.
    Thanks for putting the link on for the free on Kindle book. I downloaded it. I will probably wait until after all the company is gone, therefore, after Christmas to read it.
    Have a safe trip and happy Christmas! ~Janet

    • Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

      We loved the Jotham trilogy and have added the new book as well and are having a hard time finding time to read it together as a family! Teenagers are always busy!

      ~ Sheila

  • Emily

    Stopping by from 12 Days of Blogmas and wanted to share what I’m reading right now. Currently reading on The ABCs of Christmas and A Patchwork Christmas Collection (at least those are the Christmas-related books in my stack right now!)

  • MaryHill

    I love the reaction of the worker, so sweet. You were sweet to understand too. I know December is crazy. Sometimes we need to go get a mocha and breathe. 🙂 Thanks for linking up with us at Literacy Musing Mondays.

  • Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

    I’m with you with the “happy holidays” thoughts! It’s only been a recent “thing” that Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays has become “un-Christian.” The only Christmas reading I’ve been doing has been my advent devotionals.

  • A Romantic Porch

    I say happy holidays too and mean the same thing! I just LOVED that the Walmart lady called you Precious!! I’m gonna start saying that!
    Love you Precious. Happy Holidays! !
    Has a nice ring doesn’t it?

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