Currently – July


toasting: marshmallows. Well, okay, not literally right-this-minute. But we do have a fire pit in the backyard and any time there’s a fire there will be marshmallows toasted.

going: on weekend drives in the mountains

smelling: coffee. It’s a rainy, cool day for July, so of course, coffee.

wearing: a Lilla Rose flexi-clip in my hair practically every day

wishlisting: all kinds of things from Timberdoodle. Rebecca and I are easing into a post-homeschool adult-learning program which I am customizing to fit her needs. I have a pretty good idea in mind of what I want to do, so we are gradually beginning to implement that as we get settled and more established in a daily routine.

“Currently” is a monthly link-up with
Anne in Residence and Jenna at Gold and Bloom.

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  • Anne

    Ooh jealous – I’ve been craving s’mores ever since we came up with this “toasting” prompt, but I don’t have anywhere to toast one. Happy summer, and thanks for linking up!

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