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The Crown of Eden

“…nothing we do can destroy the order and beauty of the master tapestry. Each of us is given a thread and a pattern for its weaving. We are utterly free to weave our thread either by the pattern or in defiance of it. But regardless of how we weave it, we will always find that our thread has been anticipated. You may even choose to leave your thread unwoven, but if you do, there will be no gap in the fabric. You will find that another has already been laid down to take its place and the resulting design will be the one orginally planned. It is inevitable.”

“…Adam’s Eden was not just a place of beauty; it was a place of decision. It is as true for you as it was for him: Eden can be retained with the right choice or lost with the wrong one.”

“The choices you make within the next few months will shake thrones and move armies. But you should not count that as exceptional. Every man and woman born, if they only knew it, make decisions and commit acts daily with consequences that spread like ripples through time, working untold effects on the shape of the future for generations to come.”

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