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For Show & Tell Friday, I thought I’d share about my collection of crochet hooks. Now, I ask you. Does any one person really need this many crochet hooks?Of course not! But I love having them, anyway. The bottom row is of steel crochet hooks for working with thread, from size 00 to size 14. The upper row is of the larger aluminum hooks for working with yarn, from sizes B to J. (The sizes actually overlap a little… I think a size 1 steel hook is the same size as a B aluminum hook.)

I have at least one of every size, I think, and 3 or 4 of most sizes. That’s a little bit ridiculous, I know… but most of them have been given to me. Over the years I’ve “inherited” a small handful here and there from different grandma-ladies who have passed away. Since I love to crochet, I really treasure them, too.

There are a few plastic hooks mixed in, too, but I don’t like working with them. The yarn doesn’t slide on the hook as nicely on plastic as it does on metal.

Here’s the most unique (and probably the oldest) hook in my collection. It has a steel hook on each end, joined in the middle with a handle of bone! I really do wonder how old it is. I haven’t tried to use it because the metal is somewhat bent out of shape.

So… I have lots of options, and it’s really handy to have so many when I lose the one I’m working with (which often happens in the car!), but mostly I use size 7 for thread crochet, size 10 if I’m working with finer thread, and size G for yarn. I have actually made a few projects using a size 12 hook with size 40 thread, which is nearly as fine as sewing thread. I guess the size 14 would be for very fine sewing thread, maybe. Can you imagine?
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