A Closet Office

Spring cleaning time has begun. Thanks to my 16-year-old daughter my kitchen now shines. I want you to know, that girl’s a keeper!

My project for Saturday was to help my 13-year-old daughter organize her bedroom. I called a family meeting to brainstorm the best way to set up her tiny bedroom (only 10′ x 10′) to help her keep things tidy. She does most of her schoolwork and some playing in there, and all of her things were constantly jumbled together. She really needed a desk, but I couldn’t figure out a place to put one.

Her daddy suggested the closet… and that was a brilliant idea!
The closet is also tiny, but it was just the right size for a nice desk that my dad had made for the kids several years ago. The desk had been hanging from the rafters in the garage since we moved last year because we didn’t have a place for it. It was a perfect fit for the closet.

We put a small set of shelves on the back of the desk and organized the books, toys, and school supplies.

Now the bedroom floor is clear of clutter, and the closet can be closed when Rebecca is not at her desk.

(In case you’re wondering, we put her hanging clothes on a rod in the utility room. I think that will be fine, as most of her clothes are folded into drawers anyway.)


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