Christmas in the Country

Usually we stay home for Christmas and have a quiet celebration with “just the four of us.” This year we decided that our family gift would be a trip to Arkansas to spend Christmas with my parents.

We left on the evening of Christmas Eve. As we traveled on Christmas Day we “enjoyed” scenery similar to this:

Most of the time the blowing snow wasn’t a problem, but occasionally it limited visibility just like fog. We were happy to arrive safely at my parents’ house on Saturday evening… and they were excited to have us come.

My sister and her family were also there part of the time. My parents were thrilled to have the house ringing with the bustle and activity of children again– but no doubt they’ll appreciate the peace and quiet once we’ve all gone home again.
We had our gift exchange and Christmas dinner on Sunday. It has been nice to get away and spend time with our extended family this holiday season. We’ll start home again on New Year’s Day and hope to be back to our normal schedule on Monday.
Hope you had a blessed Christmas! Happy New Year!


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