Christmas Goody Bags

Last year my daughters started a tradition of making holiday goodies for Daddy’s co-workers and other friends. We covered boxes with wrapping paper last year, but this year I found these fun “lunch bags” at Dollar Tree, and that simplified things greatly!
Each bag contains a popcorn ball, a baggy of Chex Mix, and 4 or 5 cookies.

The popcorn balls are easy to make. The girls popped up a big bowlful of popcorn. (We use a microwave popper that will pop regular popcorn. I usually add melted butter and salt after it’s popped, but for this they didn’t.) Then just melt margarine and marshmallows together like you would for Rice Krispy Treats, only substitute the popcorn for the Rice Krispys. Add a little red or green food coloring and form into balls with buttered hands.Our friends seem to like our treats… and the girls sure have fun making them!


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