The day of our anniversary last week was too full of scheduled activities for much celebrating. That’s the way it happens sometimes, so Lyle and I were tentatively planning to “do something” together on Saturday if he didn’t have to work.

On Thursday morning he IMed me: “I don’t suppose you want to go to the Seattle car show?” The man dearly loves looking at cars. Me? Not so much. But… it’s 4-and-a-half hours to Seattle, and I do love going on road-trips with the man. So we decided we would do it as a day trip to save the cost of a hotel bill, and because we’re not quite comfortable leaving the kids alone overnight yet.

We left at 5:00 a.m. and spent two hours driving and visiting in the dark before the sun came up. Much to our delight, it turned out to be a beautiful, sunny day. Rare for November. Also rare for Seattle any time.

We enjoyed the beautiful fall foliage as we crossed the Cascades. (Lyle had his phone mounted on the dash to use the GPS and was able to snap a few pictures of the scenery as we drove.)

The auto show was big and exciting (to him, at least). We spent about 3 hours there, talking about what our next car might be and looking at all the different options. Oh, yes, and collecting freebie shopping bags.

When we finished there, I asked if we might take a few minutes to run in the nearby Half Price Books store. It was 2 miles away through downtown Seattle. We could see the Space Needle and the Sound down the street. We wished we had more time to spend because we had so much fun in Seattle for our 25th anniversary last year.

I found a couple of cool vintage crochet pattern books at the bookstore.

And then we headed home.

Nine hours in the car… four hours in the city. I suppose some people would call that crazy. But, hey, he loves to drive… and I’m always happy to occupy the passenger seat of whatever he is driving.

Besides, he brings me flowers.

Love that man!


  • Denise

    Aww! Sounds like a very pleasant time together! Enjoy those trips ~ I was just thinking this morning of how much I miss those times. Dan can't drive anymore and we NEVER go on camping trips. Yesterday we removed the insurance on the camper because of that! A healthy husband is something to enjoy ~ the companionship and comaraderie and friendship. I hope you all enjoy another 26 such years together!

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