Camping on the St. Joe

Turns out, as I’ve recently discovered, if you keep a man in town over the weekend, he’s gonna go in to work, at least a little while. So if the weather forecast is promising and the man says, “Wanna go camping?” I say, “Let’s go!”

This past weekend we stayed at a Forest Service campground along the beautiful St. Joe River. This late in the season, the campgrounds are pretty quiet… perfect for relaxing.

Lyle’s definition of relaxing always involves a drive, and he especially loves twisty mountain roads. If I can manage to avoid getting carsick (and I’ve learned some tricks about that over the years), I enjoy the scenery!

The St. Joe is so clear we could see the rocks on the bottom from even this far above it!

Our sweet Cookie loves to participate in all our adventures.

We think that if the air currents were just right, it’s possible that our truck could fly!

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