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I follow a number of blogs on Feedly. Almost every day I scroll through the latest posts. Some I quickly scan, but there are others I slow down to savor. I keep a list of the ones I find particularly thought-provoking, and every now and then I share my list with you in a Blog Post Round-up. Here are the posts I’ve collected over the past month or so:

Those are individual posts that are worth reading. Also, my friend Sheila has been sharing her Italian mother’s story with installments each Tuesday. Her mother (Tina) was born in a bomb shelter in Italy during a bombing in World War II! It is truly a fascinating story and I look forward to the next chapter each week.

  • Making the Most of EverydayTuesdays with Tina series (This link will take you to the latest installment, but she provides links back to the other parts of the story, so start with Part 1!)


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