Big City Shopping

Frankly, I’m happy to be a Small Town girl. I’ve never had a desire to live in the Big City. However, every time we go to Seattle and vicinity, there are certain places we like to shop… mainly because we don’t have these stores in the Spokane area…

 Observation: Swedish names for things are hilarious. Especially when one has not the first inkling about the Swedish rules of pronunciation and tries to read all the words in a normal, slightly-southern American English accent. Because I’m a reader, and I have to read all the signs. It’s an obsession with me. I can’t help myself.

Fry’s Electronics

One of us usually enjoys this super store more than the other one of us. However, this time I was specifically “needing” a stylus 3-pack. You see, I have a tendency to literally wear out styluses playing Griddlers Plus on our tablet. Fry’s has a 3-pack for $10. Can’t beat that.

Panera Bread

Great sandwiches and salads! I also like the cozy feel of their dining area.

Half-Price Books

I’m sure you can guess that this is my favorite destination. I don’t always buy something, but I am always tempted… and I love to just browse!

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  • A Romantic Porch

    Oh my! I had no idea it was possible to wear out a stylus. I have never played a video game or a game on a tablet or a phone…well any digital games. I know, I'm boring like that! or is it interesting?…hhhmmm, I dunno

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