Another Road Trip: Day 1

We’re traveling again this week, driving from Idaho to Tennessee. We’re taking a couple of extra days to take the “scenic route” and to visit our parents briefly. Just thought you might be interested to see our route and our travel stats for Day 1. I’ll be posting about our adventures along the way, too.

Trip Tallies:
Departed Post Falls, Idaho: 10:00 p.m. PDT Friday night.
Hours driven: 16:40
Hours slept: 4
Miles driven: 1,062
Average speed: 63.7
Fuel mileage: 36.6 mpg
States: Idaho, Montana, Idaho (again), Utah, Colorado
Time zones: 2
Wildlife spotted: antelope, turkey
Other VW Jetta wagons spotted: 3 (1 red, 2 silver)
Weather: sunny and warm
Audio book: finished Forbidden by Ted Dekker
Car Talk podcast: 2 episodes
CBS Radio Mystery Theater MP3s: 2 episodes
Lum and Abner MP3s: oh… 6 or 8 episodes (they’re short!)
Arrived Montrose, Colorado: 7:40 p.m. MDT Saturday evening

From the “Did she really just say that?” department:
Cashier at McDonald’s drive-thru after Lyle handed her a debit card– “Do you want me to run this as a credit card… or what’s your PIN number?” (Have you ever had someone ask what your PIN number is before? That was first for us. Needless to say, Lyle told her to run it as a credit.)

Cashier at Wal-Mart to Lyle after checking out– “Have a happy Moth… weekend!” (Nice save! LOL!)


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