Anniversary Trip Wrap-Up

We are home from our 25th anniversary trip. It was truly a “second honeymoon” in that we didn’t do a thing we didn’t feel like doing… just relaxing, sight-seeing, and enjoying being together. It was so wonderful to be able to get away for a few days. Above is a picture of the lane leading to the bed-and-breakfast where we stayed.

On Thursday we met a friend for lunch, then visited the zoo and the Microsoft visitor center.

On Friday we went back downtown. The change in weather was dramatic. Friday’s drizzle was much more typical for Seattle than Wednesday’s bright sunshine had been, but we thought it was neat to experience the extremes. We went to the aquarium and took a little harbor cruise that day. (We had bought City Passes which included tickets to almost everything we did in the city. It was a very economical way to see the sights, and we found each one very interesting and worthwhile.)

Now we’re home again, pretty much hitting the ground running, as per usual. It was so nice to go away for a few days to celebrate, but more than that we are grateful for the solid relationship we enjoy with each other on a day-to-day basis in real life. We are so glad God brought us together!


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