A Little Free Library

Last fall I posted about exploring the Little Free Library movement in our area of Denver. There were several close by so we enjoyed putting the coordinates in our GPS then driving around residential neighborhoods trying to spot them.

Soon after we moved back to Idaho, I discovered this one just across the street, tucked away in the Community Garden.
Little Free Library

A few of my friends who blog have also discovered Little Free Libraries around them. We decided to all post about them on the same day. As I was getting ready for this post, I thought I would check the Little Free Library website to see if there were any others nearby. What I discovered surprised me! Our little town has exactly one listed on the official website and this one isn’t it. I guess this is maybe an unofficial Little Library? I think I’ll go over and leave a book or two in it anyway, then check back later to see if it gets picked up.

In the meantime, I’m off to find the “official” one… which is said to be just a few blocks over. (Who am I kidding? Everything here in Rathdrum is “just a few blocks over.”) I’ll be back in a little bit and let you know what I find, ‘k?

Don’t go away!




I’m back! I’m so glad you didn’t leave! Here’s what I found…


Isn’t that just so inviting? Here… let’s walk up a little closer, shall we?


Look at the string of lights around the roof… and it has a wind chime hanging from it… and a lovely selection of books inside.  I love the whimsical flower bed around the tree behind it, too. I was surprised, when I opened the Little Library door, that it was really hot inside. It had been a hot day so I guess it just trapped the heat inside. Good thing I didn’t have to actually go inside, huh?

This is just such a fun idea. Have you found any in your area? Ever swap any books in one? I’d love to hear your experience.

Please visit my friends who are also talking about little free libraries today, too. They live in other parts of the country so it will be interesting to see how their Little Libraries are different. Let them know I sent you by to say howdy!


  • mommyhon333

    Oh my gosh! I am totally bitten by the bug now. I must must must set up a LFL in the park down the street. Love the official and unofficial Little Free Libraries you discovered. Adding lights is genius. And a wind chime? Good gravy, I love it. And this LFL is stocked with some great books. I have shared with the other gals that it is strange to me to see adult books in a LFL because I have only seen them used with kids. Such a great post.

  • Sheila @ Making the Most of Every Day

    THANK YOUUUU for introducing me to the LFL with that first post! Maybe the unofficial one didn’t want to pay for the charter. I noticed that there is a fee involved with that. Both of the ones in your town are adorable! Did you check any nearby towns?

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