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A Little Free Library Adventure

One Sunday afternoon I asked Lyle if he would take me on a drive to Spokane to hunt for Little Free Libraries. He is not much interested in the little libraries themselves, but he does love anything to do with maps and driving… (not to mention how much he loves me) …so he was game.

I took along 20 books to swap out as I went along. It was such a fun afternoon. 

Lyle had set the GPS to find the coordinates of each little library, so when Rhoda announced our arrival we would look all up and down the block (and occasionally around the corner) to see if we could could spot a charming little house perched on a fence or a pole. 

It was so fun to see the variety of structures, and also to see what selection of books would be in each one. We found 21 little libraries that afternoon.

One of my favorites was the re-purposed newspaper box on Sinto Avenue. I loved finding a label inside the book I got there that gave their Instagram account info so I was able to connect with them on Instagram.

Another fun one that I had actually discovered back in the winter when we were driving around looking at Christmas lights is hosted by the Inland Empire Garden Club. It includes seed packets, pencils, business cards, bookmarks, doggy treats, and a whole ‘nother little structure with a bulletin board and a candy box. (With a cautionary message about the dire consequences of leaving the candy box open.)

The one with a chicken painted on it was cute. But I also enjoyed the little fairy garden in the little old red wagon parked nearby. My favorite part about this stop, though, was the two little fat hens that came clucking over to say hello. Can you see them there behind the fence?

“But what about the books?” you might wonder.

I’m so glad you asked! Here’s what I ended up with:

  • a home improvement book for Lyle
  • 6 books for Rebecca
  • 3 books for my TBR pile
  • and that left 10 to put in the Children’s Garden LFL across the street

I’m interested to know: Are you participating in the Little Free Library movement?



  • Liz C

    Thank you for visiting and adding our “Hen” Free Little Library to your blog post. The young ladies in the neighborhood that have been working on the Fairy garden loved your kind words. We think you are going to take your lead and do a tour of Little libraries. =)

  • Michele P

    I always love seeing your pictures of the little libraries. They are so cute. I would love to build one in our area!

  • Kristen

    That is really interesting. I have to admit to not really thinking too much about the little libraries that people are putting up. Maybe because our own public library – though small – does such a good job with providing great choices and finding my requests through inter-library loans.

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