A Few of My Favorite Things

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Today’s post is an updated re-run that I originally posted in March 2007.  Apparently I originally picked it up at Kimberly’s Cup. It’s similar to the ABCs of Me post I did a few weeks ago but with a somewhat literary spin. Just a few of my favorite things:

A: Authors

B: Books

C: Coffee

Caramel Machiatto. Hot in the winter, iced in the summer.biblecoffee2

D: Dessert

  • cherry cheesecake
  • blackberry cobbler a la mode
  • peach pie a la mode
  • caramel something. anything.

E: Elegant Object You Own

China tea-pot that my mother brought me from England. It’s white with a cluster of violets on it. Since then a dear friend gave me a coordinating-but-not-matching tea-cup and saucer to go with it, and then later my mother gave me yet a different coordinating-but-not-matching cup-and-saucer. Since I first posted this in 2007, quite a few lovely pieces have been added to my collection. I love my eclectic tea set!

IMG_20150518_190321236F: Flowers

  • violets
  • pansies
  • roses
  • daisies

G: Guests for Tea

  • my mother
  • my daughters
  • my sisters
  • my nieces
  • dear friends

H: Home

Wherever my husband and children are. I’m not thrilled to be living in a Big City currently but I learned long ago that home is not a place…

I: Inspirational Author

C. S. Lewis

J: Jane Austen book


K: Kitchen Gadget

Keurig. And what a happy coincidence that it starts with K.

Nobody asked what my favorite letter is. But it’s K. I’ve always been happy that my parents chose to spell my name with a K rather than a C.

11060264_937483456261810_942712545533738900_nL: Laundry Help

Rebecca. She’s the Laundry Queen of our house.

M: Musical

The Sound of Music. “The hills are alive…”

N: Naptime

Sunday afternoon. It’s a tradition! (Only today I’m blogging because, you know, Write 31 Days.)

O: Organizing Tip

“A place for everything and everything in it’s place.” Ha! Wish I could live up to that!

P: Pride & Prejudice Character

Elizabeth. Because, of course, she’s meant to be.

Q: Quote

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I– I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. . .” Robert Frost

R: Recipe

Coffee Cake. It’s quick and easy and I almost always have the ingredients. I’ll be posting the recipe soon. I’m surprised I haven’t posted it before now.

S: Scent

Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom

T: Tea

Peppermint with honey.

U: Underwater Creature

Goldfish. When Laura was a toddler I would take her for walks in her stroller downtown in the small town where we lived. There was a goldfish store that she loved to visit. We eventually set up a goldfish aquarium.

V: Voyage You’ve Taken

I’ve never been on a voyage by sea. Lotsa road trips, though. My two favorite road trips have been: from Kansas to Pennsylvania in 1991, and from Idaho to California via the Grand Canyon and historic Route 66 in 2006.

W: Water Feature; Lake, Creek, Ocean, etc.

Lake Pend Oreille in northern Idaho. (Unless you’re familiar with the area, you probably wouldn’t guess that it’s pronounced Pond-a-ray.)


X: X-tra Special Treat for Yourself

A weekend away with my husband. (Coming up soon in celebration of our 30th wedding anniversary. Yay!)

Y: Thing About YOU!

I’m tall! Is that my favorite thing? I dunno. It’s just part of who I am.

Z: Zoo Animal

Otter. So much fun to watch them play.

What are your favorite things? I’d love to know.

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  • NiftyBetty

    I love this! I will have to do this after my series this month. I love caramel macchiatos too! And this morning, I know it’s not peach pie, but we had a peach crumble (peach desserts are my favorite).

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