5 Happy Things


I just noticed today the Tree across the street from the print shop is putting on her new spring dress. I was very happy to see it.

I think I’ll try to remember to do a photo series throughout the next few weeks like I did last fall.


I won the door prize drawing at the Rathdrum Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon yesterday.

My brother-in-law thinks I cheated because I have some fancy new business cards with a “suede” finish. He thinks the person who pulled my card out of the basket selected it because it felt so nice.

Now… how is that cheating? I ask you!

In any case Rebecca–who loves anything to do with the Old West–was very happy with the basket I won. It was sponsored by Wells Fargo bank and included a stuffed horse, a stagecoach cookie jar, and stagecoach salt and pepper shakers.


I got some happy new camping socks last weekend.

We made a day trip to Montana on Saturday and visited a travel center along the way that we always like to stop at. They have a lot of fun novelty and gift items. Lyle talked me into buying the socks.



The happy Children’s Garden across the street from our house is beginning to wake up from its winter nap.


While I was over there the other day I noticed that the Little Free Library by the building was completely empty.

That will never do.

I have made it my happy mission to re-stock it this spring.

What little things are making you happy right now?

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