Stone House Photo Walk

I finally persuaded Lyle, this past Saturday, to go on a photo walk with me. You may remember that this was one of the assignments for the Photo Challenge I participated in back in July. We weren’t able to do it then because Lyle was in a walking cast at…

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Photo credit: Dori Overman

Today’s post is an updated re-run that I originally posted in March 2007.  Apparently I originally picked it up at Kimberly’s Cup. It’s similar to the ABCs of Me post I did a few weeks ago but with a somewhat literary spin. Just a few of my favorite things: A:…

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The Workbasket Magazine


No, this isn’t another post about crocheting. Well… okay… it sorta is. But not really. I promise. Here’s the thing: I had my blogging calendar made up for the next few weeks. And then I decided to join the Write 31 Days challenge. That meant I needed to add in…

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Currently Reading

You know what’s easier than writing? Reading, of course. So I’ve started this Write 31 Days challenge for the month of October, and what do I do on Day 2 but give you a list of my recent reading log? I know, you were probably hoping for a story. And…

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31 Days of Ramblin’

My friend, Sheila at Making the Most of Every Day, encouraged me to join the Write 31 Days writing challenge for the month of October. You may have noticed that during the past few weeks I’ve been trying to blog five days a week, taking weekends off. Now that I’m…

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Etsy Treasuries

For the past several years I have enjoyed a small “cottage industry” business of selling some of my crochet work on Etsy. My most popular item has been my cotton crocheted coffee mug cozy. Keeping my shop stocked has kept my hook flying during the fall season leading up to Christmas, and…

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