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I was invited to be interviewed for today’s Featured on Friday post on The Blended Blog today. Please pop over to say hi!

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February Days


Outside my window is way too much snow. Denver got dumped on earlier this week and we accumulated about a foot of snow in 24 hours or so. Snow can be beautiful… but it sure is a mess in the city! I am thinking I’ll be glad when when winter…

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The Last Ride – Review


The Last Ride is the third book in the Circle C Milestones series by Susan K. Marlow. This series continues the story of Andrea Carter from the Circle C Adventures series for younger readers. The Milestones series is for young adults, and I think The Last Ride is the most poignant…

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Compromising in Marriage


Some friends of ours, who have been married longer than we have, joked that they decided early in their marriage that he would make all the major decisions and she would make all the minor decisions. And then he told us, with a grin, that 30-some-odd years later,  there haven’t…

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Things to Rejoice About in January


…mountain sunsets at the end of my street…   …the love of a good man… …who has a lot on his mind these days… …but oh, how I love that man… …winter does not last forever… …we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may…

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Currently Reading


I mentioned in my New Year’s Post that I was taking on a reading challenge for 2016. So far I’ve finished 4 books which is on pace to finish The Obsessed Reader phase by the end of the year. Not sure if I’ll be able to maintain that pace or…

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Recent Road Trip #2


When we were in Kansas in December Lyle’s brother and niece told him they wished he was available to help with a building project they are working on for their print shop. They have purchased a new building and plan to move their business later this year. They were needing…

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A Joyful Life


She was an adorable toddler. This is one of my favorite pictures from when she was two. Her baby-fine hair in tiny curlers on a Saturday night, clutching her favorite blanket, with her sweet baby toes wiggling as I took the picture. She has never failed to bring us joy.…

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Recent Road Trip #1


While our holidays were quiet and simple, we did manage to fit in two weekend road-trips that we thoroughly enjoyed. The first one was the weekend before Christmas. Our destination was my parents’ house in Arkansas to pick up our daughter who had gone home with them after Thanksgiving. It’s…

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Challenges for 2016


As you may (or may not) have noticed, I’ve been enjoying time away from the computer this holiday season. I thought I would post more throughout the holidays, but I found myself just appreciating a little bit of down time. And so… 2015 draws to a close. I plan to…

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